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Estate92.com may collect some personal information from you to offer you a personalized browsing experience. There may be a complete registration form that we’d like you to fill to obtain some information from you.

This privacy policy outlines how we can process and use any personal information that may be provided to us by you. In case of any changes in the policy that may happen at any time, we will notify you.

The information we collect from you is mostly through our website Estate92.com, however, we may also get your information from any third party with whom we have an agreement of such collection of information or from their respective applications, services, or tools. We may also gather any information about you from any other source. Nonetheless, this privacy policy may apply to you regardless of how you may have submitted your information.

Estate92 is entitled to protect your personal information by not providing it to any third party unless required by applicable law.

By accepting the Terms of Use, You clearly agree that Estate92.com may use any personal information to contact you or provide you with any information from time to time.

In particular, Estate92.com may use your information for the given below purposes:

  • To help users develop new services or expand their existing services.
  • To send users emails regarding any special offer, or notification for new services or information that they may be interested in
  • To offer users a personalized browsing experience by specifying sessions on our website, such as providing relevant, customized information.

Estate92.com reserves the right to use or disclose, at any time in any manner, any non-personal or non-identifiable information that we have gathered by the use of cookies or any other site traffic data or the information that you have submitted by your will at Estate92.com or any other affiliate sites.

We also hold the right to disclose all such data if it is either required by

  1. Applicable law
  2. Part of any merger
  3. Any service provider, which we may believe is relevant to our users.

Cookies are text files with small pieces of data that can be used to identify your device as you use a computer network and specify your web browsing experience. Estate92.com may track the IP address of your computer to store certain information on your device in the form of cookies. We use permanent cookies to offer a personalized experience to every user, such as to deliver customized services, content, and advertising. We may also use the cookies to improve as well as make friendly the use of Estate92.com.

In particular, Estate92.com may use the cookies to

  1. Improve the browsing experience to ensure the efficient operation of our products
  2. Gather information on user preference
  3. Personalize user experience
  4. Maintain routine business operations that may include marketing, advertising, and sales
  5. Assist in Q&A platforms
  6. Help users store searches and other content they wish to revisit
  7. Mediate contact between users and support staff
  8. Authenticate the identity of the user signing up as a registered user
  9. Allow integration of applications
  10. Regulate traffic on site
  11. Gather click data to facilitate internal operations and service optimization
  12. Allow Estate92.com to keep track of the user activity to assist them with the relevant information
  13. Guage effectiveness of services, products, ads, and campaigns.

Users may block our cookies by changing their settings accordingly on their browser. However, this may prevent us from offering specific services to you.

Third-Party Cookies:

Estate92.com may work to notify you of any changes that we may bring from time to time. We request you to take into consideration that our project clients that sponsor pages on Estate92.com may use these cookies to gain insights into users’ interest in their products and services. They may also use these cookies to offer customized products and services to the users.

Dispute Resolution and Governing Law:

In case of any dispute that may break out between any user or Estate92.com, due efforts shall be made to settle the dispute exclusively through arbitration under the Arbitration Act, 1940.

Moreover, at any time in any matter, The laws of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan shall be applied.

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